Monday, 25 March 2013

his cult exposed...

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For newbies, Icke explained   He always says that there is a cruel socio-economic-political New World Order (NWO), okay, so now we all know that, and then there is a big but in that he also says that the NWO's cruelty is from scientists, royals, governments and bankers who are part  cave-dwelling, energy-leeching reptilians who control us, as holograms living in a holographic universe. Well, Icke could call use Postal Orders for his fans' payments, and ignore banksters thereby, and also introduce micro-credit but this would make him redundant. Now from holograms, he jumps to quantum physics saying that it  cures all illnesses, but sadly, it doesn't, or your grandparents would be immortal. The blue lettering throughout this blog gives you Icke at a glance.
Chinese are the top bankers  See the link just below.
How his cult works  His associates and also his own material never give anybody directions to an address where they see a reptilian, nobody gets to see a reptilian in the flesh. And he can not be sure that the universe is merely holographic, because nobody has been up there to verify any trendy guesses. The reptilian possesses. The hologram dispels. Two inter-dependent tales. Circulate this blog.
Icke unable to explain reptilians + his fans up close  Here is a 5 minute interview in the USA in the link below. At 0.42  Icke says that his reptilians  operate "outside of this visible light" contradictory that Icke saw them at all,  they remain invisible, except to Icke and his fans who comment  that they have seen them, but can not back up the claims. They can send people away telling them to research, so here they fob you off. Some make excuses for Icke, still minus evidence, yet they blame the interviewer, not Icke's lack of proof. Sooner or later, out come any of these comments. And as if there is any point believing in reptilians, some fans offer explanatory theories, but still the reptilians exist in their minds only.
Icke lies about holograms + his other tricks  He talks a lot, but is easy to query as his visuals rarely bear out his words. Study his videos, sequence sequence, if you like, you see this in his shows and books too, lacking proof, he just uses illustrations, that are products of artists' imaginations -  this includes reptilians, who are depicted as long-necked tortoises  - or he just has unsubstantiated chats with other peopleAs for scientists from Bonn agreeing, Icke lies, they are still at the research stage, see these 2 links just below, about research and experiment only, no overall conclusion drawn. You will find the full 10 minute video is linked below them.
Here is the video. He discusses the moon's unreality at 4.15 and then lies about holograms at 4.27.
Who wants control?   Islamists liked 9/11. Icke is wrong. Not sure? See the 7th picture down on the list of banners and the 4th one up from the end, on the link below. Is Icke being bribed? There is already an Islamist takeover attempt, immigration is here. Islamists travel far, pricey, to the west to promote themselves. Note, there is no similar fuss over 7/7. Heads-up: the word racist is code for anti-white.
He thinks brown people are all like Rastafarians, never perpetrators of holy violence. Here is the other side/s of war/s, and other worldwide news here.
Palestine's Gaza's  holiday hot-spots Lucrative charity drives follow bogus Pal sob-stories, so it does not want to learn from history, as it makes more money dragging out wars. There is proof that Gaza was a luxurious fun place, was for some time, and more on the selection on the YouTube link at this blog's very end, or see the 3 minute film for starters.
See Palestinian children brainwashed to be killers, to die, in this 37 second video.
Kids involved in a grown-ups' war in Palestine. 5 minute video.
Muslims split Christian children's heads in two. See a just about bearable photo and 3 minute video. Icke stays quiet.
Zionism  Israel is a target for terror like a lot of countries are, so it uses winning security measures which anger the politically correct public. Jews/Israelis who see no problems make the war/s no safer. Icke's Islamist reports, anti-Mossad/Israel, websites from whoever (Icke himself?) rarely accept adverse comments, so kindly go to the selection of videos at this blog's end, to see 2 minutes of Hamas's son explaining Hamas, you too are at risk, really, see from 1.15.  ISIS? Israel would not want to create more violent Muslims.

Children in crisis  Western wages can buy plenty in a poor country, so please wire some money over, instead of funding David Icke's cult.  Since 1992 A.D. 23 books of his and his numerous public speaking events have made no difference to the world.

Muslims are killing each other in Syria and Al Qaeda decided to change loyalties themselves, this is only logical, as they are adults deciding on their conduct for themselves, making their own choices to take aim and murder their own ilk. Bit short of pacifism, they blame the arms trade, not themselves. No such trouble ever came out of India's equally exotic ashrams (just the sound of the universe = aaumm). And here is the internationally acclaimed Syrian-born Wafa Sultan, a campaigning ex-Muslim ... .

If Jews ran the media, then Zionism/Israel would get better press. And here is more proof that Gaza was a luxurious fun place, scroll further to see  the UN as phoney, some would say the UN are the NWO headquarters, given their very position on the planet, just an aside thought.