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his cult exposed...

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For newbies, Icke explained   He says that there is a cruel socio-economic-political New World Order (NWO), and he also always says that the NWO's cruelty is from scientists, royals, governments and bankers who are part cave-dwelling, energy-leeching reptilians who control us, as holograms living in a holographic universe, he charges £20 per paperback book and £40/60 per Wembley Arena ticket. The blue lettering below debunks Icke at a glance, he faffs about me, but only he is the liar, and so his conspiracy theories are easy to pick apart, all facts below are proven or checkable on-line.
Who is the richest?  The Rothschild conspiracy theory is misleading, and a only a theory.  The international market is too complex, too savvy, to be run by some one trick pony, see the link just below.
Angry over the Fed? Ask Muslim Barak Obama to end it. 
How Icke's cult works   His associates and also his own material never give anybody directions to an address where they see a reptilian, nobody even names their headquarters.  And he can not be sure that the universe is merely holographic, because nobody has been up there to verify any guesses. The reptilian possesses. The hologram dispels. Two inter-dependent tales. See Icke filmed as reptilian, linked just below, in a 1 minute video. 
Icke lies, on film,  about holograms + his other tricks   He talks a lot, but... 
Never campaigns, you just see emotive memes.
Nobody knows who told Icke what he knows, or why they did, you do not get told how they or him found anything out. He says he joins the dots of facts, jumps to conclusions in other words, and he merely uses pictures that are drawn from artists' imaginations, or has unsubstantiated chats with other people, proving nothing.
Is suddenly in the USA atmo due to theorists facing a legal ban in the UK.
Claims to predict world events, yet this is wisdom after the event; he did not even realize he would be caught lying here, you only have to see the video at this subhead's end.  
He says scientists from Bonn agree about holograms, but they are still as the research stage, see these 2 links just below, about research and experiment only, no overall conclusion drawn.
Here is the video, he talks about holograms at 4.27 lying with ease.
Who wants control?    Islamists liked 9/11. All the theorists got this one wrong. See the 7th picture down on the list of banners and the 4th one up from the end, on the link below. There is already an Islamist takeover as mass invasion is here, yet Islamists still travel far, pricey, to Judeo-Christian nations, to peaceful communities, to life before Muslims turned up, in order to promote themselves. Theorists ignore the slaughter of Christians by Muslims overseas, and closer to home, see the banners below. 
Colonies?  No Christians seek asylum in Muslim countries, yet we are never told of the full and final settlement of the colonies mis/adventure, as the left like to manipulate, but not resolve the matter. 
The Crusades?  More manipulation, an effort to make mass immigration seem reasonable.
Christians behaving badly too?  That was then, this is now, only Islam has yet to re-modernise.
The other 2 theorists, Alex Jones + Paul Watson  Making money on-line by selling water purification gadgets etc to the paranoid, both go along with Icke's theories (but not his cult) and vice versa and the younger Watson is Jones's self-described editor, having no other income, none are qualified, see a 1 minute snippet of a video that Watson stole from the original linked below, and cussed over, effing away, for 5 minutes. It is the same guy in both videos, who surely would not have okayed such cussings. Here is the 1 minute on this Christian channel.
The senior population who do not use computers are still alive. Nobody needs the gadgets.
Alex Jones's income information is just below. 
Palestine's Gaza's holiday  hotspots   Here is proof that Gaza was a luxurious fun place for some time, within a war as old as the desert. Pal never learns from history, never surrenders quickly, preferring to make money from child sacrifice, child soldiers; no WW2-style shelters are used.
Pal's kids brainwashed to be killers, to die, in this 37 second video.
More of them involved in a grown-ups' war. 5 minute video.
Zionism  Israel fights the same war against terror as most everywhere else and it uses winning security measures which the politically correct cowardly theorists do not acknowledge.  Jews/Israelis who see no problems make the war no safer, theorists hate Christ's birthplace and the Judeo-Christian culture, publishing whatnot regarding Israel. If Jews ran the media, Israael and Zionism would get better press, so the film below clarifies the problems, though it is not suitable for children, here is Geert Wilders's Fitna, a 15 minute film, these Muslims want everybody dead, note, no Father Christmas could exist in a theorist's home. 
The Balfour Declaration
Israel exists, indeed, there it is, the Palestine stolen land accusation is a smokescreen for Muslims' rather violent invasion of most everywhere else. Scroll to the end for external links... 
Israel Apartheid debunked  A 3 minute film with a Muslim Miss Israel at its end. Still griping?  Boycott your computer, end the hypocrisy.
Children in crisis   Away from the chichi "we" often bandied about by the conspiracy theory industry, kids are in a bad way, not even sheeple, but damaged desperadoes.
Proxy wars?   Wild Muslims kill each other in those hateful civil wars,  no proxy wars and innocent whoever, just adults deciding on their conduct for themselves, choosing to take aim and murder their own ilk or to live in the west.  Bit short of pacifism, they blame the arms trade, or geo-politics (heads-up = civilised people discuss differences but do not murder over them). 
No such trouble ever came out of India's equally exotic ashrams (just the sound of the universe = aauumm). And here is the internationally acclaimed Syrian-born Wafa Sultan, a campaigning Muslima who theorists ignore. Scroll to the end for external links about Dr. Sultan... .

False flag wars? A piece of fabric can be false... 
well, my sheets lie their heads off, but my curtains seem sincere.
Ask Icke to predict 10 more events - - go on! 
Do you regret the end of the Pahlavi Dynasty, life before the theory industry,
life when there was the modernised peaceful Muslims' Iran, up to 1979? 
Details linked just here...

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